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Real Estate Sellers FAQs

Below are answers to many of the specific questions we are asked regarding selling real estate via the Auction Method.

Once you are ready to discuss selling your property – or if you have additional questions – give us a call. Our licensed Real Estate Coordinator will be glad to assist you.

  1. What are the advantages of auctioning real estate versus listing it at a stated price?
  2. What is "fair market value"?
  3. What types of properties sell at auction?
  4. What determines whether my property is a good candidate for auction?
  5. Can I auction a property that has a mortgage, taxes or liens owed?
  6. What do you mean by "insurable title"?
  7. Are there different kinds of real estate auctions?
  8. What does "absolute auction" mean?
  9. What does "subject to confirmation" mean?
  10. What is a "reserve" auction?
  11. What is a "stated minimum bid" auction?
  12. How does Absolute Auctions & Realty get compensated for services?
  13. What is a buyer's premium?
  14. What is the usual timetable for a real estate auction?
  15. What type of marketing campaign will you use to sell my property?
  16. Where is the actual real estate auction held?
  17. I have not seen a real estate auction before. Can I come to an auction just to watch?
  18. How do I know whether potential buyers are qualified to buy my property?
  19. Will I sign an agreement if I decide to sell my property at auction?
  20. What paperwork will I need to provide if I list my property?
  21. Will potential bidders be able to view my property prior to the auction?
  22. What can I expect on auction day?
  23. What is a "bid assistant"?
  24. Where does the bidding start?
  25. What is a bid acknowledgment form?
  26. When and where does the closing take place?
  27. Is the closing different from any other real estate closing?
  28. What happens if the high bidder fails to close?
  29. What is "high bidder's choice" and when is it used in a real estate auction?
  30. What does "auction by the acre" mean?

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