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Absolute Auctions & Realty are licensed real estate brokers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with associates in all 50 states. We auction residential and commercial owner-initiated properties, as well as tax foreclosure properties.

Though on-site auctions are certainly an option, most owner-initiated auctions are held at our full-service Absolute Auction Center in Pleasant Valley, N.Y. The foreclosure properties are generally auctioned on behalf of New York State Counties, and are sold via NYSAuctions, a joint venture between Absolute Auctions and Haroff Auction & Realty.

Selling Your Property at Auction:

We are often asked why people would want to sell their real estate by auction. The simple answer is that the Auction Method produces a prompt sale at fair market value.

This outcome is the result of an intensive marketing campaign that attracts all serious buyers to a single event – your real estate auction. Gathered in one place at one time, bidders compete against each other for your property, creating an ideal selling environment for achieving fair market value.

Once your property is sold, the short timetable from auction to closing is also a benefit. As a result of our “fast track” approach, you will be able to reduce the high costs associated with holding property, and you will be free to move forward sooner on any new purchases you plan to make.

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Buying Real Estate at Auction:

Buying real estate at auction is an informative, efficient, and often profitable endeavor. Though it is not likely you will buy a 20-room mansion in move-in condition for $10,000 (as some “get-rich-quick” marketers would have you believe), purchasing property through auction can be a very rewarding experience for those who are willing to take the time to understand the process and follow through with the necessary details.

Absolute Auctions & Realty holds both tax-foreclosure auctions and owner-initiated (voluntary) auctions. When deciding which type of real estate opportunity will be better for you, you need to assess your overall goals and expectations.

  • Tax foreclosure auctions offer buyers a chance to purchase land and homes from the government, often at below-market prices.
  • Owner-initiated auctions tend to bring prices closer to market value, but they are also very desirable properties for potential homeowners and investors.

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