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How Does Consignment Work? | How Do I Send You my List of Items?
Can You Pick Up my Items for Auction?
Our EZfast Program | Sample Prices Realized at Auction

p-antiques01Since 1946, Absolute Auctions has enjoyed a reputation based on honesty, reliability, friendliness, expertise and a full-service approach to the auction business. We never forget that as our client, your trust and confidence in us is vital to the success of our company.

We also understand how important it is for you to choose the right method for selling your merchandise.

If you are looking to get market value for your assets without spending a lot of your own time and money advertising, displaying and liquidating them, then the Auction Method is the ideal marketing vehicle for you.

To ensure your merchandise reaches the broadest audience possible, we market our auctions:

  • On the Internet
  • On our website
  • In local newspapers and national antique/auction publications
  • Via direct mail notices and email announcements
To ensure bidders have every opportunity to purchase your merchandise, we offer:

In short, we tell the world about you and offer them a world of opportunities to buy your merchandise.

How does consignment work?

Consignment refers to the agreement made between you and Absolute Auctions to sell your merchandise at our auction, after which we are paid a percentage of the sale price and you are paid the balance.

Absolute Auctions earns our percentage (or commission) by providing the following services:

  • Storage prior to auction
  • Cleaning/polishing/minor repair if required
  • Creation and cataloging of each lot (a “lot” is one item or a group of items sold as one unit)
  • Photographing of each lot and creation of a professional slide show presentation and digital catalogs
  • Advance auction marketing in print ads, via direct mail notices and on website
  • Setup of Preview display
  • Informing prospective buyers about your merchandise during Preview
  • Auctioning of each lot to floor bidders, absentee bidders, phone bidders and/or Internet bidders
  • State-of-the-art integrated clerking and invoicing system for tracking your sold items
  • Complete printout of consigned items, with lot-by-lot breakdown of commission earned and balance due to you, sent with your check 30 days from the date of the auction

How do I send you my list of items?

Before you begin, it might help to familiarize yourself with the types of merchandise we would and wouldn’t recommend for auction. To make that easier, we have created a brief self-evaluation form, as well as a general list of items we do and don’t take. Click here for the self-evaluation form and item list.

Click here for the Consignment Information form

Once you have reviewed your items, you can call, fax or email us with your list. Please remember that providing descriptive photos and the history of an item are also very helpful. Once we have evaluated your items, we will let you know if we think they have a good market at auction.

Can you come to pick up my items for auction?

Yes, we do offer pick-up (trucking) service at a reasonable hourly rate for items that are too large for you to transport to our Auction Center, or for estates with a large number of items to be auctioned. To schedule trucking, you may contact the Absolute Auction Center Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm at (800) 243-0061. Any trucking charges incurred will not be charged up front; they will be deducted from your consignment check after your items have been auctioned.

Our EZfast Program

p-antiques02In certain cases, we may recommend auctioning your merchandise via our EZfast Program.

EZfast works in the following way:

  • The merchandise does not come to the Absolute Auction Center, instead, it remains at its current location, where it is photographed and cataloged in place.
  • A slide show presentation is then created from the photos and the items are sold remotely at the Absolute Auction Center.
  • Depending on the nature of the merchandise, previewing of the items can either take place at the remote location during set days and times determined by you, or it can be presented by slide show only.
  • After the auction, successful bidders are instructed to pick up their purchases at the remote location within a reasonable time frame determined together with you prior to the auction.

If it is determined to be the best selling method for your particular merchandise, the EZfast Program has several advantages:

  • If time is of the essence, the sale of your merchandise does not necessarily have to be bound to the schedule of an existing auction date. Through the use of our extensive marketing program -and depending on the types and quantity of items to be auctioned – we can either hold a separate event just for your merchandise, or where appropriate, we can offer an Internet-only auction that perfectly suits your desired time frame.
  • Large items – for example, collector cars, RVs, over-sized furniture, and professional equipment – do not have to be moved, which is not only more convenient and less costly, it also minimizes the potential for damage.
  • Specialty merchandise, such as boats, shop tools, grand pianos or pool tables, can be showcased in their “element,” which adds to their appeal.
  • Sizeable collections or large groups of similar items, for instance a fleet of surplus municipal vehicles, can be previewed on-site at specific times with minimal impact to the seller.

Over the years, we have found that auctioning via our EZfast Program has not had an adverse effect on the prices attained for the merchandise. Time and time again, experience has shown that serious buyers will demonstrate their interest regardless of whether the merchandise is present at the auction facility or is instead offered through the use of specific previewing times at a remote location and only representative photos during the auction itself.

Surprisingly, in some instances, selling without even providing a photo of the item still results in a profitable auction (although this is not our method at the Absolute Auction Center). Perhaps the ultimate example of successful EZfast is the U.S. Customs auction held approximately every eight weeks or so. At these events, our auctioneers sell millions of dollars in seized merchandise to a lively crowd of international buyers packed into a facility in Edison, N.J., all without so much as a digital representation of the merchandise to refer to. While some of these lots can be previewed at the Edison facility prior to the auction, many of them are located at warehouses and airports all over the East Coast. Yet buyers fiercely compete for these sight-unseen goods and are very willing to travel to obtain them.

In addition to this Extreme EZfast example, other Absolute Auctions success stories include:

  • The contents of an estate administered by Dutchess County Social Services
  • Dozens of privately-owned and commercial real estate properties
  • The Annual Dutchess County Surplus Vehicle & Equipment Auction
  • Hundreds of county-owned tax foreclosure properties every year
  • A 1984 Luger 2911 Adventurer Sailboat and several other watercraft
  • A classic car fetching $44,000

As with all of our services, we will be happy to offer our professional assessment regarding whether EZfast is the best choice for you. If you think you may have merchandise that will benefit from this program, just give us a call. We will discuss all of your options, including EZfast, and help you make the most of auctioning your valuable assets.

Sample prices realized at our auctions

Absolute Auctions has a long history of strong prices for many types of personal property, vehicles and real estate. To give you some idea of what estate merchandise has sold for at our auctions, we have compiled (in PDF format) the following summaries of recent prices realized:

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