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Absolute Auctions & Realty constantly upgrades our systems so that we can provide our bidders with the most flexible bidding choices possible. As a result, you are able to bid in a number of different ways.

NOTE: Due to certain legal requirements, Real Estate registration and bidding differs from Antique & Estate registration and bidding. For this reason, the bidding information below does not apply to Real Estate. Click here for Real Estate bidding information.

Floor Bidding

If you’re looking for an entertaining night out, or if you’re the kind of person who likes to be right in the middle of the action, then floor bidding is for you. All you need to do is come to the Absolute Auction Center and register either during Preview or on the day of the auction. Registration is free, a catalog is a $1 donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and tasty food and beverages can be purchased inexpensively at our catering corner.

Absentee Bidding

Absentee bidding is a great option for anyone who can attend Preview but not the auction itself, or for bidders who attend the auction but need to leave before some of their lots of interest are auctioned. Absentee bids are accepted throughout the auction as long as they are submitted at least an hour before the lot is expected to sell (we typically auction 80-90 lots per hour). Absentee bidding is also a good solution to the challenge of bidding in more than one ring at a time during the auction. You can either pick up an absentee bid form from the registration office or download a PDF and fax it in to us. We DO NOT accept absentee bid requests by email; a signed form must be faxed or submitted in person. All absentee bid forms must include the bidder’s complete personal information, including a credit card number.

Phone Bidding

If you are strongly interested in a lot and are not able to attend the auction, you may choose to submit a phone bid request. As a phone bidder, you will be called a few lots prior to the lot you plan to bid on, and when your lot comes up, a staff member will assist you in bidding competitively for the lot. Before deciding to phone bid, please note that the minimum starting bid per lot is $200. Bidders not willing to start the bidding at $200 are advised to submit absentee bids or bid live online instead. Phone bid forms must be submitted by 8pm on the Friday Preview before the auction. You can either pick up a phone bid form from the registration office or download a PDF and fax it in to us. We DO NOT accept phone bid requests by email; a signed form must be faxed or submitted in person.

Once all phone bid requests are received, the Absolute Auctions Team will determine whether we have enough staff and phone lines to accommodate every request. Phone bids are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. If we will not be able to execute your phone bid, we will call you to notify you so that you still have the option to leave absentee bids or bid online (if the Internet registration cutoff time has not passed). All phone bid forms must include the bidder’s complete personal information, including a credit card number and the phone number at which you should be reached during the auction.

In-House Internet Bidding (AARBIDS)

Absolute Auctions & Realty owns and utilizes our own in-house Internet bidding system called AARBIDS. AARBIDS offers you the ability to bid live remotely from the comfort of your own home or, for that matter, from anywhere in the world. Bids are received in real time so that you are competing for lots as if you were in the room yourself. For this convenience, your purchases will include a slightly higher buyer’s premium of 15% (as opposed to 13.5%) to help offset the cost of running the Internet system. If you won’t be able to bid live, you may leave absentee bids through the AARBIDS system instead. AARBIDS registration is free of charge but must be completed no later than 3pm on auction day. Click here to download a PDF of complete instructions on becoming an AARBIDS Member (a one-time signup) and registering for an auction (to be done each auction). It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s convenient!

AARBIDS also has a dynamic-ending Internet bidding feature that is very similar to the eBay-style auction. Like eBay, the auction has a start time and an end time, and bidders are able to sign in and leave bids on items of interest at any time during the auction. Where AARBIDS differs is when a bid is placed just before the auction is scheduled to close. To ensure all other active bidders have a chance to counterbid the last-minute bid, the ending time of the auction will automatically be extended by a predetermined number of minutes. This will continue to occur until that number of minutes has passed without further bidding. At that time, the auction will officially close.

Dynamic Online Only Bidding

In addition to using AARBIDS at every live auction, Absolute Auctions also uses AARBIDS to operate our proprietary Dynamic Online Only auction platform. Creating an account to become a bidder is a one time process, which is free and fast to do. Once a new member has joined AARBIDS, they can register for an auction by entering their username and password and then bid in that particular auction. Some auctions, such as Real Estate auctions, require some additional registration and approval prior to bidding. Additional registration terms will always be noted.

As an online only bidder there are a few different ways to bid. Since our Dynamic Online Only auctions typically run for a period of 7-10 days, unless otherwise noted, bidding commences throughout the entire time. Bidders can place bids early on to the next highest increment to become the highest bidder. If the current high bidder has left a “max bid” early on, and bids are being placed against the current bid, the system will only bid for the current bidder to the next increment necessary to remain the high bidder until another bid outbids the “max bid” in place. Every time a bidder is outbid, the AARBIDS system will automatically notify the bidder via email that they have been outbid, as well as provide a direct link to that specific lot. Many people bid throughout the auction, and also watch when lots are getting ready to close out at the end.

The Dynamic ending takes effect if a bid is placed within a two minute window prior to the scheduled closing time, where the lot will then automatically extend itself two additional minutes to allow under bidders to bid again. Lots will continue to stay open for an additional two minutes as long as bids continue to be placed within the two minute window prior to the individual closing time of that lot. All bidders are invoiced the following morning of the auction.

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