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Ham Radio Equipment Auction Ending 11/12

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Began: 10/18/18 at 6:41 AM EDT
Ended: 11/12/18 at 7:00 PM EDT


HAM Radio Equipment Auction
Monday, November 12 at 7PM

Items located in Pleasant Valley, NY. Items include a U.S. Marine Corps VHF diplexer CU-2194/URC; a Grigsby-Grunow Co. “Majestic” screen grid superheterodyne model 20; a Federal Telegraph Co. HAM radio receiver CFT-46154; a Radio Corporation of America radio receiver RBB-5 type CRV-46147-D; a Bendix Radio Div. of Bendix Aviation Corp. HAM radio transmitter type CRR-52253; a RCA HAM radio receiver BC-312-M; HAM radio components from Heathkit, Hallicrafters, Hammarlund and more.          

Preview available Monday-Friday 9am-3pm by appointment only.

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Lights, Camera – AUCTION!


The silent auction website has a “dynamic ending” feature; if someone “sniper bids” on a lot at the scheduled end of the auction, the system will extend the clock  two minutes to give everyone time to bid again. Get in on the fun! Auctions are the best way to buy good quality items “cheaper than new.”

It ain’t over til it’s over – Auctions are the only game in which you have to come in last to win! Remember to frequently refresh your screen to see if you have been outbid!!

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